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This Is What An Oil-Soaked Ocean Wave Looks Like As long as cars are driven, airplanes are flown, and other gigantic machinery propelled, we will see more and more of these waves.  It is simply a side-effect of industrial civilization. Advertisements

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The Doomer’s Curse by Mickey Foley

…The Doomer wants this world to end, because in this world he is a failure. He has failed to achieve his goals personally and/or professionally, but he lacks the maturity to take responsibility for his failure. He blames the rules … Continue reading

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195 Californias or 74 Texases to replace offshore oil

…Therefore, to replace our offshore oil with wind, you’d need 195 Californias, or 74 Texases of wind, and probably 20 years to build it…. …A Junkie’s Reality Those who would shut down offshore oil drilling might want to consider this: … Continue reading

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