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Plastic Bag Advertisements

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We should all become ecologists

By I.  (I posted this as a response to Sharon Astyk’s article, “Stake Your Acre Challenge.”  Maybe this will become the main theme of this blog.  Permaculturizing urban areas.  Permafying, biomass production, ecosystem restoration, something like that.) We should all … Continue reading

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Stake Your Acre Challenge

by Sharon Astyk I’m calling it the “stake your acre” challenge. And the sum of it is this – I want everyone who can to find an acre of land and tend it. There are so many profound pressures on … Continue reading

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‘Alarming decline’ in England’s biodiversity

England becoming a country of ‘beauty spots rather than beauty’, and must act fast to address declining biodiversity, says the government’s environment watchdog Nearly 500 species of animals and plants have become extinct in England as a result of human … Continue reading

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Energy Curve of History

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Which Train Is Leaving The Station?

by David Cohen “Time is running out, and the train is leaving the station,” Chu said in a speech at CERAWeek, a premier industry conference hosted by IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. …I can think of other trains that have … Continue reading

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Get Out of the University and LEARN

MARTHA CROUCH: You know, one of the things that kind of surprised me after being so immersed in high-tech science was how much vibrant and really exciting thinking and research was going on in the alternative sphere. I started thinking … Continue reading

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