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“It’s the Ecology, Stupid”

…”without healthy ecosystems to regulate climate and rainfall and provide habitat for pollinators, agriculture would collapse.” Which makes it tough to sell cars. Put another way, “we need economic production to survive, but we also need healthy ecosystems and the … Continue reading

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“China Takes Aim at Dollar”

by Andrew Batson BEIJING — China called for the creation of a new currency to eventually replace the dollar as the world’s standard, proposing a sweeping overhaul of global finance that reflects developing nations’ growing unhappiness with the U.S. role … Continue reading

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A Dream I Had.

I dreamt I was to be drafted (by the U.S. I assume) to fight in the new war against Russia…. Weeks before that, I had a dream of children beating the bottoms of their shoes against an automobile much the … Continue reading

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“The Next Ten Years: What They Will Look Like”

by Chuck Burr …Moving towards a stead-state economy is an important first step, but it is only the beginning. It is time to dump the agricultural revolution economic model of privatizing the land, locking up the food, forcing people to … Continue reading

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One scenario…

Nearly all of the economic analyses we see today have as their basic premise a view that the current financial crisis is a temporary aberration. We will have a V or U shaped recovery, especially if enough stimulus is applied, … Continue reading

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Back-to-back-to-back shocks

Global warming is dissolving the Alpine glaciers so rapidly that Italy and Switzerland have decided they must re-draw their national borders to take account of the new realities. “How long do you think this island [Maldives] can be inhabited?” I … Continue reading

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Natural World – A Farm for the Future (video)

An in-depth look at industrial agriculture and its dependence on fossil fuels, primarily oil.  The narrator, wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking, explores alternatives to the energy intensive model of today’s farming practices.  Permaculture farms/gardens are discovered as a sustainable method that … Continue reading

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