Sun Halo a sign from Gaia

Today, at around 11:45 AM, I was sitting outside in my backyard and happened to look up at a passing bird and noticed a massive circular rainbow behind it.  I remarked, “holy s**t”, and walked to an open parking lot to get a better look.  I saw a massive rainbow encircling the entire sun.  Resembling a large eyeball in the sky.

After doing some quick research, I have discovered one was sighted in Salem, Oregon in 2008 around noontime.  And another was sighted in Ceba, Phillipines, 2010.  Meteorologists say it is a result of the sun’s rays being refracted by cirrus clounds.  Religious folks say it is a sign from god.  I have noticed the phenomenon before, but at night, aruond the moon.  I assumed it was a result of increased moisture in the atmosphere due to glacial melt, warming bodies of water and plant respiration due to increased temperatures.  A sign from god?  Maybe from Gaia.  Apparently they are fairly common, but in today’s society, we do not stop to look around.  Instead we are focused on the pavement and our current task.  “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop to look around, you could miss it.”

I have no idea if it is any more common than normal, but there is some valuable information on these phenomena here:

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