Our new economy

This whole idea of “growing the economy” is entire nonsense.  As Jim Kunstler calls it, it is an effort to “sustain the unsustainable.”  It’s an old objective.  This economy was structured at a time when built capital was scarce and natural capital was abundant.  Today, natural capital is scarce, and the world is full of box stores, garbage dumps, highways, and parking lots.  Through this process of converting natural capital into built capital, we have depleted our natural wealth and it has resulted in massive deforestation, extinction of species and cultures, the acidification of the oceans, depleted uranium and cancer, climate change, pollution etc.  Our new objective is to re-establish ecosystems and biodiversity while sequestering carbon through biochar, intensive rotational grazing and other techniques.  Basically we need to redesign our entire society so it contributes to ecosystem health rather than detract from it.  What’s good today is bad tomorrow.  What’s been successful and worth striving for must be seen as absurd and shunned.  Social status must be redefined so we do not value multiple cars in our garages and huge flatscreen TVs and gargantuan homes that require massive amounts of energy to heat and cool.  So, I guess lets get started on creating a new culture.  One that praises something other than total bullshit and pop stars.

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