We should all become ecologists

By I.  (I posted this as a response to Sharon Astyk’s article, “Stake Your Acre Challenge.”  Maybe this will become the main theme of this blog.  Permaculturizing urban areas.  Permafying, biomass production, ecosystem restoration, something like that.)

We should all become ecologists, assigned an acre of land and monitor it. Listen, observe, and improve it. So that we once again become part of gaia’s intelligence network.

In my own neighborhood (in the Bronx) I have thrown some seedbombs, offered to cut up a neighbor’s tree which has fallen across their driveway. I am digging a compost/biochar pit in my small backyard where I plan on collecting as much compostable material I can. I also do humanure composting. I have been distributing CD’s I have compiled from various podcasts/interviews which describe the dilemmas of climate change, peak oil, collapse, and local food. I am building a raised bed where I can plant a polyculture of ivy, morning glory, beans, etc. to cover an atrocious wall while at the same time offering nectar and shelter for insects and food for birds and humans. I am demolishing an old garage foundation (part of the biochar pit) with a sledgehammer and digging bar to increase the growing space of our backyard to plant to rhododendrens and mushrooms.

I am thinking about rooftop farming on nearby shops, but I’ll give that some time. I am also thinking about a mycoremediation filter to cleanse the runoff from our asphault roof. The water then running into a small bathtub pond or the like. (Permaculture and lots of free time to daydream help out a lot with this kind of stuff.) The beekeeping and backyard chickens will have to wait. The experiment with guinea pig husbandry worked, but 3 guinea pigs overgraze 1/16 of an acre pretty quickly.  Strategically place keywords throughout the city…. It’s really an infinite list.

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2 Responses to We should all become ecologists

  1. Dave Dz. says:

    Cool projects man, I’ve been thinking about getting a plot in a community garden so I can start growing my own food. Fortunately, there’s tons of local produce available here in Gainesville (with a grocer that carries local produce exclusively) so I’m starting with a small windowsill garden for starters and letting my conscience breathe easy by shopping at Ward’s.

    For me, the important issue is not supporting the burning of large amounts of fossil fuels just so I can have strawberries in November. I think if people ate more seasonally and locally we could make an excellent first and huge step towards improving things.

  2. irkone says:

    You got it Dave!

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