Who Then Will Lead Us?

by Dan Allen

The Land of Make Believe

Our leaders have failed us. Our leaders are failing us. Our leaders will continue to fail us. As the farce of the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit recedes, the failure of our leadership stands naked before us — again. But only ever-so-briefly, before ducking back behind the glossy ad-campaign facade of empty promises and false hope. Other failures will follow. This is certain. “That’s OK!” we scream. “Just keep telling us what we want to hear! Tell us everything’s gonna be OK!” For we still live in The Land of Make Believe. …But ever more tenuously now, as the cracks in the veneer of normalcy widen ominously. We have a make-believe economy using fairy-dust money to manufacture an imaginary recovery. We’re fighting two wars with an imaginary national credit card. We have a national energy policy based entirely on imaginary technology and imaginary resources. We have a climate policy which will likely require wholesale migration to an imaginary planet. Enough already. It is time – past time – to ask ourselves the necessary questions: Who will step forward to restore sanity to our lives? Who will provide us the real leadership necessary to extricate ourselves from the delusional madhouse our culture has become? If our leaders will not lead us to a livable future, then who will?


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