“Transitioning our food from fossil fuel based to sun based”

Over the next several years we will have to make do with less oil. The high prices of oil last year are thought to be the peak production of oil. Raymond James a investment firm has put out a report which was wrote about in the Wall Street Journal last week, “Peak oil represents a paradigm shift of historic proportions. Unfortunately, mankind better get ready to live in a peak oil world because we believe the ‘peak’ is now behind us.” When the investment firm that bears the name of the Bucaneer’s Stadium says we are in for a paradigm shift, it gives credit to all those people who have been thinking about peak oil for over a year now since oil prices hit their maximum. If we are looking at a future with more expensive oil rather than cheap oil where do we begin?

We have to take into consideration that our food system is the second leading user of oil in our nation. A nation that resorts to having to import food to survive will not be sustainable for very long. Lets discuss ideas on how to create a food system based upon the sunlight we receive as well as potential alternative energy sources. Lets dream design a suburban agriculture system together. We have a clear and present danger that we can overcome if we put our creative forces together. How we rebuild ourselves out of this recession will impact us for years to come, lets rebuild in a sustainable minded way thinking only of the next generations that must inhabit this world. Let us no longer put the future in debt to live in the present. The money to pay for that oil must come from an economy, lets get this economy rolling and off of oil so we can save our money for more important things such as investments into our future as well as rehealing the planet from the damage we have caused collectively. We could put millions of people to work, end hunger, provide people with lives worth living all with just a simple choice to go in that direction instead of having it be forced upon us.


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