“G20 summit: Campaigners claim more money spent on car industry than tackling climate change”

The Government spent seven times more on paying off bankers and 20 times more money bailing out the car industry than on environmental initiatives, campaigners have claimed

In the run up to the G20 meeting of world leaders in London this week, two reports have called for more focus on tackling climate change as part of any international economic stimulus.

… In a separate report, the Government’s sustainable development adviser argued that the pursuit of economic growth is one of the root causes of the current financial crisis, as well contributing to climate change.


I must admit: the rulers did a great job pacifying the populous.  Just look at the image of all these “outraged” people behind the neon-yellow barrier.  But this is getting too outrageous.  If the rulers wanted a change for the better, or even knew how to structure it, they would have.  They are inept and full only of shit.  “If the tools at issue could change the system, the system would render them illegal.”

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