“Personal cars must be outlawed.”

Shake up and Direct the Collapse: the Macroeconomic and the Body

by Jan Lundberg

…Who might conceivably pull off such a ban of personal cars? It’s hard to imagine it now, but we can imagine the ban on smoking in public buildings being almost accomplished across the U.S. — seemingly unlikely a couple of decades ago. As cars increasingly appear to be the financial and environmental drain that they are, and the economic picture only worsens, more radical steps at restructuring will come to the fore.

...Car-free living is a start. If I hadn’t sold my car, my last one, in 1989, my health would be much the poorer. After a number of months after ditching my Buick Behemoth, I was surprised to notice in the mirror that I had developed my leg muscles markedly. And the money I saved on gasoline, insurance, repairs, registration, etc., was as satisfying as learning that I had not slowed down my mobility whatsoever: Ivan Illich calculated in his book Energy and Equity that the average speed of the U.S. motorist, when taking into account most of the hours associated with car ownership — compared to miles traveled — is adjusted to just 5 MPH (five miles per hour).


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