What’s happening to us?

Numerous studies and governmental reports over the past several years have issued warning after warning, all to no avail.

If we wait until the peak of conventional oil becomes evident as a result of an insufficient supply to satisfy growing global demand (once it recovers), no amount of money, leadership, or political will at that time will prevent severe crisis.

if a crash program costing hundreds of billions of dollars were to begin even a full decade before the onset of the peak, severe global economic disruption would still result; if the crash program were started only after the peak were recognized, economic disaster would be a virtual certainty.

But when the nation is already suffering from the worst economic recession since the Great Depression and thus far trillions of dollars have been allocated to right the financial ship, where will the significant additional money, leadership and political will be found to address this challenge?


Keep in mind, some geologists and agencies have determined peak has already occurred.  For conventional crude oil (onshore drilling) in 2005, and because of the crash since 2008, many say July of that year will turn out to be the all-time high.  So, get that crash cushion out!  (I could say airbag, but cars are a dead end.)

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