“Plight of the humble bee”

Think of summer. Meadows and gardens daubed with so much colour it looks as if some giant hand has gone berserk with a paintbrush. Now expunge that picture and think of another. This time the giant hand has mislaid every pigment save brown and olive. There are no blooms, no insects, no birds. No visible wildlife of any kind. No fruit. No sound other than the mechanistic din of humankind harvesting fungi and the approaching cries of battle.

No pollination: no crops. There is nothing theoretical about it. The reality is in (or, more accurately, not in) the hives. The US has lost 70% of its honeybee colonies over the past two winters. Losses in the UK currently are running at 30% a year — up from just 6% in 2003.


“The stupidity of a society that treats this news as a footnote, scarcely newsworthy, is beyond polite language. The sheer Passivism that rules, even in the supposedly intelligent, informed PO & CC webfora, is pretty sickening, given how few show an interest in the campaigning that is now critical to the course of decline.

“Maybe it’s time people faced their choices – of apathetic inaction drifting into despair and bitter suffering for many, or of active campaigning on the great, unified existential issue of respect for the ecosphere, in recognition that we have nothing to lose.”   – Billhook

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