Obama: “We will not apologize for our way of life….”


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4 Responses to Obama: “We will not apologize for our way of life….”

  1. Eddie says:

    Is he in a position to apologize though? Is he in a position to apologize for chattel slavery? Would he, in a sense, be apologizing to himself? Wouldn’t apologizing undermine his very existence as a black and as a President…?

    Just a thought.

  2. irkone says:

    He represents the people who elected or funded him (rich white males whose grandparents probably owned slaves at one time or another less than 200 yrs ago).

    His apology would represent the apology of that sector of America, though not all people would read it that way due to their unquestioning, indoctrinated interpretation of America through diluting textbooks and phrases.

    For instance, “Black History Month.” What ever happened to “African History Month”? To substitute “Black” for “African” implies history began for blacks once they reached America, and that it has constantly been getting better. A major element is missing.

    A simple apology, an admission of an insane model of life and economy which has brought massive suffering to the world would acknowledge one’s mistakes (be it a culture or entire civilization), and work to remedy the problem, rather than deny its cause or existence.

  3. Eddie says:

    But I don’t think he can apologize, and if he did, what would it mean? The idea that he represents the people that elected him is a nice thought, but I think it is hog-wash. He is a symbol, the main signifier of an American ideology that rests almost entirely on economic growth and the creation of wealth. He has in no way been seen negating this fundamental American dream. The hope that he represents is purely symbolic in that he is mitigated by the rule of law and the American static system which only allows signifiers of change, symbolic change, and inherently disallows true revolutionary change by slyly co-opting it.

  4. irkone says:

    Why do you think I called him “Asshole”?

    Him not apologizing does not mean much, but announcing he will not even consider apology means even more.

    The result being denial, hypocrisy, and “slyly co-opting [fundamental change].”

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