Blog’s up dude!

Ok.  This will cut down on all the spam in your emails.  I apologize for that.  I thank the people who could no longer tolerate it and piped up – you know who you are!

In case I get some readers: this blog will primarily deal with current issues involving energy, ecology, economy and other enigmas (I just couldn’t resist!) and theorizing about brown masses and fans.  I don’t know the final shapes the brown splattered masses will assume, but There Will Be Brown.  Those times when I whined to my mom about being bored are being repaid with interest.  Thanks Karma!

Just to start off, ecology and economy share the prefix eco, which is derived from the Greek oikos, meaning “home.”  Therefore, ecology is the study of the home, and economy is the management of the home.  Needless to say, not enough studying of the home has been done in order to properly manage it.  For example: Say I install a toilet without knowing a thing about plumbing.  I notice there are some pipes in the basement and choose a pipe at random to funnel my excretions.  Next thing I know, my water doesn’t taste so good.  At that point, I should stop and think, “Maybe there is something wrong with the way I am managing my home, ’cause this water tastes like shit!”  This realization provokes urgency, because to not act could mean sickness or even death.  The industrial, infinite-growth economy labels “waste” (carbon dioxide, pollution, garbage) an “externality” (a feature external to the current economic model and therefore inconsequential) which has led to unpredictable climate change as well as tons of other fucked up things. It has grown too large for the planet to sustain, and is collapsing as you read this. Or, if you read this in the future, it was happening while I was dicking around on a fucking computer in an overpopulated city!

On that note,

Ecology lesson # 1.  Earth – or the biosphere as it is sometimes called – is our home.

#1a.  Earth is spherical.

#1b.  Spheres are finite.

Ecology lesson #2.  Ecosystems are composed of diverse species (biodiversity) which are the working parts allowing life as we know it to exist.  Example:  A tree grows up from the soil, converting the sun’s energy into food through photosynthesis. This tree also takes carbon dioxide out of the air and creates oxygen.  It absorbs tremendous amounts of water and holds soil together, preventing erosion.  Insects feed on the bark of the tree and birds feed on the insects.  When that bird dies, bacteria and microbes and fungi feed on its corpse, breaking down all the debris.  These nutrients and minerals are then absorbed by the roots of the tree, cycled back into the ecosystem.  This is what I mean by the working parts.  Without these ecosystem functions, we would not have the oxygen we need to breathe, soil would erode, and we would be up to our eyebrows in bones and poopsie-doops.

Whew! That sure beats the uncomfortable “birds and the bees” explanation my dad offered consisting wholly of “You know about condoms and all that shit, right?”

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3 Responses to Blog’s up dude!

  1. Dave Dz. says:

    Congrats on setting up your blog dude!

  2. Austra says:

    Yer funny. I’m gonna look forward to reading your blog. :]

  3. Eddie says:

    I echo Dave’s comment and like your writing!

    Waste as capital’s byproduct is interesting, and when considering capitalism as an enigma, a mysterious market that incomprehensibly creates wealth for the wealthy, what is the true product? Is it not most tangible the tens of millions plus residing in shanty towns and slums across the world, effectively living external to social control and state hegemony. Paralleling these millions of undead spectres are the eerie sites where capitalism goes to die: The airplane graveyard in the Mojave desert, the industrial complex abandoned by man and enveloped by foliage and the like. These unmanageable direct results of capitalism are its direct obverse, its underside which it creates, and in turn are spaces in which an unprecedented event may just occur. Dare I say, these are the spaces of pure freedom, truly external to the home, and the sites of terror, the uncanny un-dead of our world?

    Good times!

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